Top 4 Benefits of Electric Fireplaces.

Top 4 Benefits of Electric Fireplaces.

Why are fireplaces always in demand? Because it’s always delightful to sit in the warmth of a fireplace. Style your fireplace to your personal preference and enjoy the coziness! Why struggle with wood and ashes when you can just plug in one of our Napoleon, Amantii or in house branded electric fireplaces. All of our electric fireplaces come with remote controls for even easier access.

Here are some benefits of Electric Fireplaces:

Exquisite Warmth with low costs:

Electric fireplaces are inexpensive but provide the perfect warmth for you to enjoy your weekends in Raincouver. Electric inserts help you save on heating costs, which keeps your Fortis B.C bills low. Our Napoleon ALLURE PHANTOM 50 and CLEARION 50 are customer favourites.

Portable & Easy to Use:

True, you can carry and insert an electric fireplace to any place in your home. Just find a spot where you would want the fireplace to be, plug in and enjoy the luxury! With an electric fireplace at your home say goodbye to the mess with wood chopping, ash cleaning, smoke, and smell. Super-functional and as convenient as it gets!

Environmentally Sound & Safe:

Electric Fireplaces do not emit any harmful pollutants or emissions. Electric inserts do not consume any wood and protect the environment. Being a buddy to the outdoor environment, these fireplaces are safe as well. Electric fireplaces do not produce indoor moisture or ventilation issues, leaving your favorite space clean and green.

All-Season Use:

Electric Fireplaces can be used all-season, not only for heating purposes but also for a gorgeous rustic or modern look, depending on what style you choose. Even if you don’t want the heat, your home can always carry the look of a fireplace. So, it’s a win-win either way!

We bring a completely new way of looking at electric fireplaces. A clear view through the lifelike flames, to the full brick interior, captures the charm of a wood-burning fireplace. We have single-sided and multi-sided viewing options for our electric fireplaces. Contact our experts for the best fireplace for your home and style your fireplace your way!