Is an electric fireplace better than a traditional fireplace?

View over fireplace with burning logs, natural fur skin on the floor next to holder with logs in cozy room.

Is an electric fireplace better than a traditional fireplace?

You don't have to cleave wood or need a gas line connection to power an electric fireplace - you just need to plug them into a wall socket.

Electric fireplaces never produce heat through combustion, you don't need to worry about harmful gas emissions. Electric fireplaces are very easy to install, you don't require a vent or chimney. You can opt for wall mount electric fireplace, or keep your fireplace portable and use it in different rooms.

Nowadays, electric fireplaces are a cleaner, greener, economical and eco-friendly choice for modern homes compared to traditional fireplaces. Enhance your living room persona, with options to choose different flame colors for your fireplace or choose classic wood burning appeal and enjoy having a realistic flame. Electric fireplaces come with built-in media consoles turning them into life of a party or can be remote controlled to enjoy different settings from the comfort of your chair and a remote control, making your experience easy and enjoyable.

Reasons to choose Electric fireplace over other fireplaces :

Don't Rely on Natural Resources and become Eco-friendly :

Easy Installation :

To install an electric fireplace, you don't need a vent or chimney as they are simply plug and play appliances. However, there are some electrical requirements that may be needed before its installation which depends on model size you choose.

Touchable :

Every electric fireplace is surrounded by a glass surface so it never gets hot. Pets and children are always safe around electric fireplace. However, in traditional fireplace fossil fuels are burned and fireplace surfaces tend to get hot. Therefore there is a higher risk of injury if a person comes in contact with it, accidentally.

Low Maintenance :

As Electric fireplaces don't use any carbon fuels to produce heat. You don't need to worry about chimney sweeps, cleaning and inspections to make sure these fireplaces are safe to use. Gas fireplaces always require regular cleanings and maintenance to continue working efficiently.


Natural gas or firewood are usual sources to fuel your traditional fireplace which can be costly. But electric fireplaces only adds pennies to your electricity bill. Due to low maintenance and easy installation, they are more affordable than any other fireplaces!

Looking for good supplemental heating source that does not use a lot of natural resources , electric fireplaces are the best option. Let our our experts help you choose the best fireplace for your home and answer any questions you may have!