Why 2021 is all about Gas Fireplaces at home.

Why 2021 is all about Gas Fireplaces at home.

Who doesn’t love sitting in a cozy atmosphere? A fireplace is the heart of your home during the long winter months, and nothing is better than a fireplace that doesn’t require any cleaning! A gas fireplace requires minimal cleaning and overall maintenance. After a hectic year in 2020, treat yourself with the fireplace of your dreams. Real Fireplaces brings a range of designer gas fireplaces to best suit the ambience and style of your home.

Reasons why 2021 is all about Gas Fireplaces:

Charming & Practical

No doubt that a gas fireplace installation in your home instantly adds charm. Yes, it is a thoughtful and practical decision. Modern versions, like the ACIES L50 by Napoleon comes with a sleek linear design that offers a luxurious experience.

No Smoky Smell, Just Warmth

When there is fire there is smoke, but not in the case of a gas fireplace. When installing a gas fireplace, you don’t need to worry about the smoky smell in your home. Unlike other fireplaces, a gas fireplace does not emit any soot or odor. So, it’s a thumbs up, guys!

A Gas Fireplace can be installed Anywhere

You heard it right, your bathroom, basement, hallway, or outdoors. Installation of gas fireplaces can be done anywhere. Let’s get creative!

Easy on your Bills

A Gas fireplace installation in your home can help save on those huge electricity bills. By adjusting the temperature, other rooms can also be kept warm and comfortable. The “zone heating system” only heats up the places which are used more often.

Home Makeover with a Simple Investment

Fireplaces can create a serene look in your house! It's a great time to renovate and upgrade those old gas fireplaces to something modern and new! A one-time investment can change the ambiance of your home completely. We offer many different products in our gas fireplace collection to match your home requirements.

So, the next time when you think of remodeling your home, consider the reasons you should go for a gas fireplace. We are always here to help execute your vision with our exclusive products to make your house feel more like a home!