Summer Grill and Chill with Real Fireplaces

Summer Grill and Chill with Real Fireplaces

Summer of 2021 is around the corner, and it is time to enjoy the beautiful sun-seeking opportunities with your family and friends. Amidst this tough time during COVID-19, plan and enjoy your safe social visits! So why not install a creative with your backyards? Customized BBQ and grill options are available, and we also do installations!
When the sun is shining, make the grill smoke and host an epic barbecue night.
Customized and affordable BBQ’s can make evenings a bliss, look down for the options you can consider for this summer:

Choose the Built-In BBQ series:

If you are in a space you think about living long-term or looking to sell in a few years, make your backyard space more appealing with a customized built-in BBQ. It is affordable and functional; you can add optional storage units like drawers and cabinet or a mini refrigerator beneath or a free-standing fridge to keep those drinks cool!
Even if you have a small backyard patio, a deck with a pool or a larger space, built in BBQ’s come in many different sizes to fit your needs perfectly.
A Built-In 700 Series Dual Infrared Burner by Napoleon is the best option for your space! It is a drop-in side burner that matches your custom outdoor kitchen space.

Gas or Charcoal?

Mostly people have the same opinion that the food cooked on a charcoal BBQ tastes better! Yes, it is more time consuming but why not? When your friends are around, kick back and grill in leisure. Try the Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill that takes traditional charcoal grilling to new heights and is budget-friendly too!
If you have a very limited space, for example living in an apartment, due to the safety regulations you might not be able to enjoy the wood burning BBQ. In this case a gas BBQ cart-grill can make even the dullest days shine better!

Portable BBQs are in trend too!

With time, portable BBQ’s have gained popularity! You can easily transport the portable BBQ to any place! Take your portable grill to the park, beach, or even your friends' place. You can try charcoal grilling with Napoleon’s mobile Charcoal Kettle Grill. Compact and cool; it doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket.
Don’t wait and start your prep early this summer. Prepare those mouth-watering recipes on your customized BBQ. Again, Napoleon has a lot of options to choose from. Customize, install, cook and enjoy.

So just GRILL AND CHILL this socially distanced summer!