Get ready for summer with Napoleon BBQ’s!

Get ready for summer with Napoleon BBQ’s!

Think about all the time you will spend with your loved ones this summer. The laughter & smiles of your friends and family, children playing around, and the barbecued food to rescue the hunger. What’s not to cherish? At Real Fireplaces, we offer a variety of product options to browse through and grab what fits your needs best! Whether it’s a portable cart grill or a built-in barbeque. A one-time investment on the right BBQ can make a huge difference. With Napoleon, you are guaranteed the best quality and durability for long term usage. Napoleon brings the best outdoor/indoor BBQs for you to make beautiful memories. Amazingly, there are a lot of options available when it comes to getting a BBQ for your place. Along with the comfort, homeowners also consider the décor and aesthetic of the house to style the BBQ accordingly. The two major categories to pick from are – Freestanding or Built-in BBQ’s.

Why a Freestanding BBQ?

Freestanding BBQ’s have a lot of potential. These are portable, so you can enjoy outdoor BBQs anywhere. The 22” Pro Charcoal kettle grill by Napoleon is the best to set the mood, enjoy, and grill & chill!

Why a Built in BBQ?

Though it’s a bit of an investment, they offer better performance and functionality. No hustle of cooking, easy to clean and a beautiful experience. The built-in BBQ creates a gorgeous entertainment space for you to grill and relax. It’s more customizable, requiring few repairs. The Built-In Prestige Pro 500 RB by Napoleon is not just good-looking but offers a versatile grilling experience. You can choose more customizable options to your built-in BBQ like extra drawers and cabinets to keep your grilling space organized!

What’s the right choice for your home?

Certainly, outdoor cooking trends are in style! But before you decide on the perfect BBQ, it’s important to get a better idea of what you exactly need. What is your way to have fun! Are you fine with built in BBQ or are you keen to explore new spaces with the portable & outdoor BBQ? Also, consider the décor of your home!

Get your hands on a stunning Napoleon BBQ today and start your summer prep early.
Then you can relax, enjoy, grill, and make memories all summer long!