Sunpak Standard Heater

Sunpak Standard Heater

S25, S34


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The original “above the floor” patio heater since 1984.  Don’t settle for everyone else’s copy when you can have the standard patio heater used in restaurants for decades.  Available in Black or Stainless Steel, the Sunpak® Models S25 & S34 are outdoor rated heaters available for use with natural or propane gas.  These heaters can be either wall or ceiling mounted. The mounting kit allows this heater to be mounted from above keeping the patio deck free and clear.  Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure but is approximately a 10 x 10 ft area.  Typical mounting height is 8-9 feet from the floor.

The required clearance from combustible materials must be maintained on all heaters. In addition heaters must have adequate fresh air and ventilation to operate properly. Make sure you can meet these requirements in making your heater selection.

S25 offers a lower radiant heat output which allows this heater to be located in patios with limited ceiling height.

S34 offers a greater radiant heat output which allows this heater to be located higher. Also note the above and side clearance requires increases with the higher BTU/Hr unit.

This heater requires a 24 VAC source and switch or timer or other control device. This control device is to be supplied by the installer.


  • 25,000 btu (S25) or 34,000 btu (S34)
  • Black or Stainless Steel
  • Single-Stage Control
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • 24 VAC – 20 VA
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted
  • CSA Design Certified
  • Rain Protected
  • Optional Beveled Face Trim


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