Built-In 700 Series Dual Range Top Burner

Built-In 700 Series Dual Range Top Burner

With stainless steel cover

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Create sides and sauces while the main grill is in use with this 18-inch, drop-in, Dual Range Burner that provides loads of extra space. Instantly ignite these burners single-handed with the JETFIRE™ Ignition System. The large, ergonomic NIGHTLIGHT™ Control Knobs provide ambiance and safety, glowing a glorious blue that changes to red when the burners are in use. Made from the same quality of marine-grade stainless steel as the 700 Series built-in grills, this drop-in side burner matches your custom outdoor kitchen. These burners provide stylish longevity and were built for ease of install.



30,000 BTU’S

17.5 X 18 in – Cooking Area

Height: 11.40 in

Width: 21.50 in

Depth: 24.60 in


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