Fireplace Buyers Checklist

Fireplace Buyers Checklist

When purchasing a fireplace, you may feel overwhelmed and confused between what you want and what you need for your home. With endless options and brands to choose from, we have created a Fireplace Buyers Checklist to help make the process a bit easier for you.


Indoor - Gas or Electric Fireplaces

Outdoor - Gas Fireplaces


Gas Fireplace - If you are looking for a realistic looking fireplace, a gas fireplace is the right choice. Fueled by natural gas to provide immense amount of heat and comfort. Direct vent gas fireplaces are safe to operate and do not impact indoor air quality. All gas fireplaces require a heat barrier to prevent occupants from touching hot glass.

Electric Fireplace - A vent free fireplace option that’s safe, easy to install and cost efficient. All Real Fireplaces electric fireplaces include a remote control.


Modern/Contemporary - Available in many sleek and minimalistic styles along with unique shapes to choose from. Media kits allow you to customize the overall finished look of your fireplace with either crystals, logs or both!

Traditional - Replicate the Wood burning fireplace experience with gas. Available with realistic logs and embers, in many shapes and sizes.